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Valve introduces Digital Gift Cards to Steam

Physical Steam Gift Cards have been available for purchase in retail stores for quite some time, allowing Steam users to gift money to other users' Steam Wallets. However, Valve has now introduced a new, much easier method to accomplish this task - Steam Digital Gift Cards.

Mimicking the retail Steam Gift Cards, the digital ones are also only purchasable in preset amounts, and existing Steam Wallet funds cannot be used to purchase them. Once a gift card has been accepted, the money goes into the recipient's Steam Wallet to be used however they like on the Steam store, without any restrictions.

Steam users can make use of the new system by logging into their Steam account, selecting an amount from the presets in the Digital Gift Cards page, and choosing a friend to send the card to, with a personalized message.

Sending gift cards to friends from other countries won't be an issue, as this will result in the gift card's value being automatically converted to the new currency. In case the receiver declines the gift card, the money will be refunded to the original payment system, if possible. Otherwise, the money will go to the sender's Steam Wallet.

With Steam's Halloween, Autumn, and Winter sales approaching quick, the new digital gift cards should be a lot of help in gifting friends and family some extra funds to spend on games.

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