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VaxApp is Microsoft's Teams app for organizations to manage vaccination attestation

Recently, U.S. President Joe Biden announced that the Department of Labor is developing a mandate according to which employers with over 100 employees are required to ensure that their entire workforce is either vaccinated or return negative tests every week. To that end, Microsoft is making it easier for Microsoft 365 organizations that fall in this criteria to manage vaccine attestations by releasing an open-source deployable Teams app.

A screenshot of the homepage of the Microsoft VaxApp for Teams

The application is called VaxApp and is a product of Power Apps, utilizing Dataverse on the backend. Microsoft has touted it as a medium scalability and low-cost solution that can be further customized according to the needs of an organization.

The app is built with Dataverse for Teams' 2GB limit in mind so it does not currently support the uploading of scanned vaccination cards as they can consume a lot of storage. Microsoft says that organizations which require this functionality can extend the solution themselves and use the full version of Dataverse instead. The same version has also been suggested for DoD and GCC-High tenants as well as organizations which require more than 2GB of storage.

VaxApp end-users will be able to submit attestations for themselves or on the behalf of another person, and view their attestation submissions. Meanwhile, admins will be able to export uploaded data for reporting purposes as well. Since this is an open-source application with an MIT License, managing the security and privacy of the solution and complying to government regulations is the responsibility of the organization deploying the solution, not Microsoft. You can view the project and its deployment guide in detail on GitHub here.

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