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Vegas Mayor to block Rainbow Six Vegas

Gamespot is reporting that the Mayor of Las Vegas, Oscar Goodman, wants to prevent the next installment in the Tom Clancy series from even being released. Mr. Goodman argues that the game is "based on a false premise" and that his city, Las Vegas, is according to governmental sources close to him at least, the safest city imaginable when it comes to terrorist attacks. He is looking at whether he can block the game from even being released. Saying possible harm to his city via the game was possible economically, and that they were looking into whether or not the game would be protected under free speech.
After last May's run in with Gabriela Ramirez, a legislator from Venezuela over the upcoming Mercenaries 2 game and a 2004 run in with North Korea itself over Ghost Recon 2 you would think gaming developers would learn not to tick off real life people and their homes! Apparently not. How dare they make fictional game worlds not based off anything but imagination and art, but base it in a real life location. How dare they!
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