Verizon's upgrade and activation fees drop to $20 in-app or online, to cost $40 in store

Verizon had been charging customers $30 for phone upgrades, but the wireless carrier appears to have made changes to its fees. The telecommunications company will be cutting its upgrade and activation fees to $20 from April 18, Thursday, if customers prefer to make those transactions online or via the My Verizon app.

However, either service will cost $40 for those who will want to walk into a Verizon store or talk to a customer service representative to upgrade a device or activate a line. That's $10 higher than its previous rate, and a Verizon representative said customers will receive a "full-service experience" for that price. That means the extra cost could be the charge for services rendered by a Verizon employee to process device upgrades and activation.

That said, Verizon's new activation fee is cheaper than that of AT&T and Sprint, which still charge $30 for the same service. Meanwhile, T-Mobile has been offering its Simple Choice Plan or T-Mobile ONE service free of any activation charge.

Source: CNET

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