Vivaldi still not fully happy with Windows 11 default browser choice, wishes EU will step in

Microsoft Edge as the Devil
via Vivaldi

Back in December of last year, Vivaldi had slammed Microsoft for the way the Windows 11 maker for seemingly trying to make the selection of default browsers more difficult and bothersome. Things have changed since then as recently, with the optional cumulative update under KB5011563, the firm added a one-click option to set your default browser.

Despite this though, Vivaldi is still not fully pleased with Microsoft's effort. The co-founder and CEO of Vivaldi, Jon von Tetzchner, offered the following statement to The Register regarding the development. He said:

While they have made an attempt, the fact that it has been done the way it has leads to the assumption that it is only being done to avoid being prosecuted for anticompetitive behavior, not to actually solve the underlying problem.

[...] This should apply to all users, not just the ones who are technically competent enough to realize that they need to install an optional update, and know how to actually do so. It should be installed for all users.

[...] Microsoft should make it as easy for all users to use other browsers, as it is to use Edge, and stop abusing their power to push Edge onto users. They continue to try to make it harder to switch to and use other browsers. We look forward to the EU following up on this malpractice.

Mozilla too will probably agree with Vivaldi, though probably to a lesser extent perhaps. The Firefox developer definitely acknowledged that it's a "step in the right direction" but also quipped that "more can be done".

Source: The Register

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