Watch this cringeworthy Lumia 521 digital makeover with Robert Verdi

If you’re a regular here on Neowin, you probably know that some of us are pretty big Windows Phone fans and we love to see both Microsoft and its partners go out and promote the platform. Some of these promotions, such as Ben Rudolph's "Meet your Match", are really good and they help spread awareness of the brand. Unfortunately, this latest one falls into a different category altogether. 

A new video from Windows Phone on Youtube is trying to show folks how stylish and hip the new Nokia Lumia 521 can actually be. The Lumia 521 is a great phone for its $121 price tag, sporting a 4-inch screen and a 5Mpx camera as well as the latest version of Windows Phone 8. It's a perfect fit for first time smartphone buyers or folks that want a larger display and the latest software without spending too much money.

This video showcases the celebrity “style expert”, Robert Verdi, who goes out and gives people a “digital makeover” by giving them a new Lumia 521 and accessories that go along with them.

Sadly the whole thing is pretty cringe-worthy. While the phone itself has received very positive reviews, and has sold out multiple times, the video does nothing to highlight its great value. Starting with bad acting and ending with the ludicrous accessories that the guy imposes on participants, this video is a very clear example of how not to advertise your phones. It's actually a bit offensive if you consider how they are stereotyping the older lady by giving her a completely useless old-fashioned telephone receiver.

All in all, we would suggest that Microsoft sticks with the tried and tested methods that actually look good and get people excited for their product.

Source: Windows Phone (Youtube)

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