WebOS 1.2 accidentally leaked, plugged by Palm

A user by the name of go4craig on the PreCentral's Forums has posted yesterday that he applied the webOS Doctor (This is a last resort method to get your Pre back to the factory standard) and it installed webOS 1.2 for him. WebOS 1.2 is an unreleased version of the Pre software. It also happened for a few other members. The leak was plugged pretty fast and all Palm Pre owners will now have to wait for the official update.

The first of changes that he found was the ability to add your account (payment information) directly into the App Catalog. This means that when paid apps launch some time later this month, the process is now integrated into the App Catalog for seamless purchase.

The second change that he found was a "select all" feature within the browser. This may just lead us to a better copy and paste feature. A fix is also there for people with the location situation that bothered everyone. There are some changes in the GPS location service which includes a fix and a way to turn off data usage altogether.

The update also includes a whole list of things. It includes better zoom animation in the browser, a search feature for the email, tasks are now sortable by due date and priority, and a whole host of improved tapping features.

There is no official word on when it is going to release but going by the following video that popped up on YouTube, we assume it is very soon.

Here are a few photos of the updated WebOS:

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