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"What's the best cell phone ever?" Siri: Lumia 900

The Siri voice recognition system on the iPhone 4S has been the subject of many unintentionally funny moments since it launched in October. Now it looks like an answer to a particular question is making Siri, and Apple, look a little foolish today. WMPoweruser.com reports that when a user asked Siri, "What's the best cell phone ever?", Siri responded with Nokia's Lumia 900 as the answer.

How did this happen? In this case, Siri accessed the search records of Wolfram Alpha and brought up the cyan version of the Lumia 900 as its answer to the question, based on the solid reviews that its customers have given the device. Of course, this answer could change depending on if other smartphones get more favorable user reviews. At the moment, however, all those Siri users can look forward to having the software recommend the Lumia 900 when they ask Siri that question.

It also shows some of the limits of Siri itself, which was touted by Apple as the iPhone 4S's biggest new feature. For example, user reviews can be heavily biased at times. Siri could have accessed smartphone reviews from the media, which are supposed to be a bit more objective in terms of examining the pros and cons of a device.

Image via WMPoweruser.com

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