Why Microsoft likely cut the price of the Xbox One: 115,000 consoles sold in the US in April

A few days ago, Microsoft announced that starting in June they would sell a Kinect-less bundle for $399. This move shocked many as the company previously touted the importance of the peripheral, but with new management and sales possibly falling under expectations, the move was made.

Many thought that Titanfall would be the game that set the Xbox One sales on fire, and while the console is doing well, it seems that Microsoft is now keen to compete directly with Sony on price, even if that means dropping Kinect.

On the other side of the coin, Microsoft is saying that the Xbox One is selling at a rate 76% faster than the Xbox 360 during the same time period. We should point out that when the Xbox 360 launched, the RRoD was a major issue and that sales during the same time period were marred by that reputation.

Still, the Xbox One is doing well and 115,000 consoles is not small number. Software sales were strong too: with the Xbox One and Xbox 360 combined, the Xbox platform sold the most games across all console platforms with 2.6 million games sold. Xbox One sold 447,000 games in April and Xbox 360 sold 2.2 million, totaling 53 percent of the total software market share.

Microsoft confirmed that the 115,000 number is accurate but Sony, who the NPD stated was in first place for the fourth straight month in the US in terms of hardware sales, has not provided any figures.

However, we suspect with a new SKU at $399, Microsoft will be able to move quite a few more units in the months ahead as they now compete with the PS4 on an equal pricing playing field.

Source: Xbox News

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