WiFi in the UK

According to today's Independent (a UK broadsheet) and Intel, only a 1/3 of people living in the United Kingdom know what WiFi is. WiFi, which stands for Wireless Fidelity, allows mobile users to connect their laptops to the internet and other devices without having to use standard hardwire networks.

The survey, conducted recently, found that many people thought that the phrase WiFi was cockney rhyming slang (e.g. Dog and Bone : Phone) for "Wifey". Other people who participated in the survey answered that they thought Wifi was a Japanese island, or an exotic fruit.

Asides from showing a shocking level of IT ignorance in the UK, the results do highlight Intel's attempts to get Britain wirelessly connected. Combined with a motivation for shifting Centrino packages, Intel is really hoping to raise awareness and get people using the wireless hot spots they've been setting up with BT over the last year. Intel and the Wireless industry would love to see the UK brought up to the same level of wireless proliferation as in the USA.

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