Will the Palm Pre without a contract cost $1000?

Wait, what? Here's one case of when it's hoped that a rumor is just that: a rumor. According to BGR, Palm's upcoming Pre smartphone will eviscerate your wallet, rendering it a hefty $1000 poorer, if you decide to go without a contract. $1000 is a lot for a phone, though it won't cost that much for a phone on contract.

How much is this device rumored to cost otherwise? Well, new customers with a 2-year contract will be set back $199.99, whereas existing customers upgrading will be charged $299.99 to get their hands on a Pre. Again, though... without a contract, they expect a $1000 whomping.

The Pre is expected to go on a trial sale on June 7th, via the carrier Sprint, and will have about 4,500 units distributed throughout Best Buy Mobile locations all throughout the United States. Remember, this is just a rumor, but you never know... some have been known to come to fruition. Let's hope this isn't one of those examples. Fire away, Neowinians!

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