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Will Windows 8 Desktop App be dropped from ARM port?

Is Microsoft going to force people who use the ARM version of Windows 8 to only use the Metro app interface? That's a new rumor coming from ZNet. A new story, citing unnamed sources, claims that Microsoft will drop the Desktop App from Windows 8 for ARM-designed processors. That means Windows 8 on ARM would not allow users to run legacy desktop applications to be run on that version of the operating system

If true this is a change from what Microsoft said back in September during the BUILD conference when the Desktop App was shown running on an ARM-based version of Windows 8.

This would be a surprising move on Microsoft's part since it automatically limits the kinds of programs that can be run on Windows 8 for ARM processors. While it was always understood that the ARM version would have to have programs made especially for that processor, people who want to stick with the normal way of running and accessing applications on Windows 8 would not have that option if this new story is correct.

On the other hand, this would be huge for Intel and AMD, who make the x86-based processors. They would be able to support both the touch screen Metro version and the legacy desktop version of Windows 8.

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