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Win 8 hits retail in January 2013, Win 7 SP2 in 2012 and other info leaks out

Infamous leaker Wzor.net has just posted up a slathering of information, and judging by the site's past leaks, it should be semi-reliable. Before we go any further, none of this information is verified or is confirmed but is speculation from a reputable individual who, in the past, has provided solid information and leaks. On that note, lets dig into the information posted.

For Windows 7, Wzor states, "Service Pack 2 is already actively underway since the autumn of 2010, and if all goes according to plan then the appearance of a second service pack, Service Pack 2 for Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 is expected in mid-2012 " and looking forward to Windows 8, Wzor states, " Windows 8 is scheduled for the very end of 2012, so it really can be called: Microsoft Windows 2012 Apocalypse Edition, at least the server version will be named as Windows Server 2012."

Further, for more recent information, the site states that Microsoft is planning two betas for Windows 8 and states that at least one, if not both versions, will be for public consumption and three months after the RC is released, Windows 8 will go RTM. Specific dates were not mentioned.

By far the biggest bombshell is that "according to our information, Microsoft will plan to begin selling boxed retail versions of Microsoft Windows on Monday January 7, 2013!".

Again all this information comes from a reputable leaker but as with any information, its subject to verification. Hopefully the information is on track but as for Windows 8 leaks, Wzor states, " Possible leaks in the network of test assemblies may be expected only close to the appearance of the first beta version of Windows 8 Beta 1"

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