Windows 10 build 18362.10015 now in the Slow ring, lets S mode install Win32 apps

Today, Microsoft released Windows 10 build 18362.10014 and build 18362.10015 to the Slow ring. As was the case last time, the lower build number has new features turned off, while the higher one has new features turned on. If you were on the lower one before, you'll get the lower one now. If you were on the higher one, you'll get 18362.10015.

The company also said that if you're just joining the Slow ring now, it's a "virtual coin toss" as to which build you'll end up with.

This build does have a few new features, such as Microsoft allowing businesses to install Win32 apps with Intune. Here's the full changelog:

  • We have enabled Windows Defender Credential Guard for ARM64 devices for additional protection against credential theft for enterprises deploying ARM64 devices in their organizations.

  • We have enabled the ability for enterprises to supplement the Windows 10 in S Mode policy to allow traditional Win32 (desktop) apps from Microsoft Intune.

  • We have updated search in File Explorer to show web-powered suggestions in addition to files locally indexed on the PC.

  • We have added the ability for Narrator and other assistive technologies to read and learn where the FN key is located on keyboards and what state it is in (locked versus unlocked).

As usual, you can get today's build via Windows Update. If you're not on the Slow ring yet, you can sign up in the Windows Insider Program tab.

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