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Windows 8 'system reset' image leaks [Update]

Among the many new features that will be incorporated into Windows 8, one that had previously leaked was that the system could be reset to factory conditions in just a few minutes. On this front, an image has leaked that shows the reset button and that it will be located near the system restore option within Windows.

This leak comes courtesy of win7china.com who has posted up quite a few leaks in the past, so the image does have some weight behind it. It is stated that it will only take two minutes to restore the default Windows 8 instillation, although that does seem a bit optimistic and is hardware dependent. 

The source states that when you press the system reset button, it will remove all installed software and return the OS to default settings. The source also states that you can choose to keep you user account information and personal files. 

The rapid reset feature will come in handy for times when malware has infected your PC and all you want to do is wipe it and start over. Far too often is it hard to locate your original software, and this new feature could be a lifesaver for amateur tech support users too. Imagine being able to quickly restore a client (family members) PC in just a few minutes, rather than a couple of hours if doing a complete wipe and install. 

[Update] We have been sent another picture of the same feature but this one is a bit more clear. We have also confirmed that this feature is real by another source; thanks AngelWZR and Canouna. We should note that the source of the image below is unknown.


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