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Windows 8 Metro apps can now be tested on an iPad

If you are working on an app that's supposed to run on Windows 8's Metro interface, it may be hard to find a tablet or touch screen that can actually support the many touch gestures of the new operating system. Now a company called Splashtop (via ZDnet) has come up with a program that allows Windows 8 Metro app creators to test their software on a very popular touch screen device: Apple's iPad.

Splashtop has released the Win8 Metro Testbed program on Apple's iOS App Store for $24.99. The program also requires a Windows 8 PC to be set up with Splashtop's free streamer program. Once both apps are installed, you can then stream your Windows 8 app wirelessly on your PC so you can use it on an iPad.

The Win8 Metro Testbed program allows app developers to test how their touch screen features work. It supports swiping from the left of the iPad to switch between Windows 8 apps and also supports swiping from the right to view the Windows 8 Charms menu. The app lets developers test the Windows 8 "snaps" feature which allows two Metro apps to run side by side along with pulling down an app from the top of the screen to close it.

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