Windows 8 to feature revamped handwriting support

Microsoft has always loved handwriting input, and even though their fake-pen based tablets were first to market running Windows XP, the iPad still overthrew them due to Windows' inability to wow consumers. 

Now, it looks like Microsoft's been working mighty hard to please those that just love using a pen and paper with Windows 8, offering a revamped metro-style handwriting interface in the consumer preview. As seen in the screenshots below, it's not like Windows XP or Windows 7's implementation.

Windows 7 handwriting support

Windows 8 handwriting support

We wondered if Microsoft planned on using handwriting support with just fingers, but it looks like they're implementing it for use with a pen, if the icon in the lower right of the image is to indicate anything.

The Consumer Preview isn't far off public consumption, and we're excited to get our own hands on it. How about you?

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