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Windows Phone 7 gets the jailbreak treatment

Microsoft launched their Windows Phone 7 to the market last week, and hackers have already compromised the operating system to allow unauthorized code to be run, allowing users to run applications that Microsoft would normally not approve of.

An Australian hacker named Chris Walshie discovered a method to run native, unmanaged code on a retail Windows Phone 7 phone, which could allow for future applications to be run on the device. As reported by Long Zheng of istartedsomething, Walshie found a DLL called "Microsoft.Phone.InteropServices", which if exploited could provide users root access to the device.

Jailbreaking is very popular amongst iDevices, enabling users to run unauthorized code that Apple wouldn't normally allow on their App Store. Jailbreaking of iDevices allows for themes, tweaks, any many more applications that will probably never be available on the App Store.

As Long suggests, the benefits of jailbreaking Windows Phone 7 could mean that users can gain access to the microphone or camera, or even overriding the Bing search bar, allowing for users to customize their search engine.

The development for jailbreaking Windows Phone 7 is still ways off and could be months before users develop any useful applications, like Cydia for iOS.

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