Windows Phone 8.1 notification center shown off on video

Windows Phone 8.1 leaks have been pouring out since the SDK and documentation leaked a few days back. While we knew a notification was coming to the platform, we now have the best look yet at the notification center that will arrive with Windows Phone 8.1.

The notification center, formally called ‘Action Center’ is a central hub for notifications. To access the action center, you pull down from the top of the screen and that will initiate a drawer reveal of the hub. Within the hub, you will find all of the items you would expect and you can customize 4 different toggles too, according to the source.

The good news too is that it appears that you can control what items show up in the action center so you can remove unwanted items.

This will be one of the many welcomed features coming to the platform and will help Windows Phone catch up (in this area) to the other competitors in the market.

Source: Unleashthephones

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