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World App update brings plenty of new languages and local currencies

The World App

Over the summer (northern hemisphere), the World App made a bit of a splash when it became available to the general public. It began giving users free worldcoins that they could retrieve if they allowed a worldcoin orb to scan their iris.

To meet the “surge” in monthly active users, the World App’s developers. Tools for Humanity (TFH) has updated the app with a bunch of new languages and currencies.

By the end of the year, the World App will be available in Catalan, English, French, Hindi, Portuguese (PT), and Spanish (LatAm and ES), Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, and Korean. The supported currencies will include the Argentine peso, Brazilian real, Chilean peso, the euro, Indian rupee, Japanese yen, Kenyan shilling, Korean won, Mexican peso, Singapore dollar, and the US dollar.

According to TFH, the World App has now seen more than four million total downloads and 22 million transactions. Monthly active users have also doubled over the last six months to more than 1 million. With these stats, the World App is ranked as the 6th most popular hot wallet in the world.

If you’ve not heard about the World App and Worldcoin before, it’s a project that has the involvement of Sam Altman, the creator of ChatGPT. It is currently giving users free worldcoin tokens that they can claim to buy items in stores or trade for fiat and crypto currencies.

The big catch is that users need to allow orbs to scan their iris to generate a unique ID. Your iris image is not stored, it is just used temporarily to assign you with a unique identifier. TFH envisions a world where you can use your World ID to access a variety of everyday applications without needing to reveal your identity.

While the idea of scanning your eye in an orb has scared some people, it’s not actually a bad idea for the many people in the world who do not possess any type of identification to prove who they are. Most people have an iris, however, so basing an ID on this could help to give these people a form of ID.

Whether the World App makes a dent in society like ChatGPT has remains to be seen. One of the bottlenecks with the World App is that to really use it you need your eye scanned but the orbs are still not available in many countries so people can’t claim any reserved tokens.

Source: Worldcoin

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