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Xbox 360 scratching discs? Maybe, says Microsoft

Engadget is reporting, assuming the translations from the original source gadgetzone.nl are correct, that Microsoft decided to ignore a problem with the Xbox 360 until Dutch TV show "Kassa" publically ran its own tests on the console. A number of the 360s produced in December 2006 did not include a part in the drive which essentially caused the Xbox to scratch the disc it was reading. Microsoft is finally confessing that there might actually be a problem and promising to look into it: "We are not able to respond in detail on the results. It is possible that scratches on discs originate from frequent use. However, we have no indication that the results of the tests from Kassa are a large scale problem." Microsoft is willing to hear out customer complaints on the matter and recommends that affected users contact support to deal with the issue. Hopefully, it will all be downhill from here.

Link: Forum Discussion (Thanks EZRecovery)
News source: Engadget

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