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Xbox 360 Update Adds DRM 'Features'

A couple of members have notice a new addition to their 360's since the update this morning. Media is now tagged with a "Does not expire" message. Obviously this could only mean one thing, DRM for downloads.

Our best guess is that new media downloads will now contain expiration's dates after they hit your hard drive from the market place. This means you wont be able to continue playing that same demo over and over again without finally going out to buy the game. It's a smart more for MS to help aid in the purchase of games after they are pimped on the Marketplace. It is also a win for magazines like OXM, who rely on demos to boost their own magazine sales with promises of exclusive demos. Now these demos could be considered more valuable since the content on the disc can not be deleted.

This could also be an indication of things to come for the Marketplace. It would make perfect sense to enable this feature for future downloads of music, TV, and movies as well. Most journalists know that the 360 would be a perfect platform for delivering more then just gaming content, and with the Sony PS3 around the corner this could be a first move into the entertainment download arena. I suppose only time will tell.

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