Xbox Modding (Part 1)

In a market dominated by sluggishly-evolving console systems, a select few has stopped and thought to themselves, "How can I improve my gaming experience, and how can I make it more unique and entertaining?" The answer is simply - Modchips. That's right, those tiny circuit boards you commonly see on online gaming stores - it's that extra dark option you force to the back of your mind due to the immense confusion and mystery surrounding it.

In the excited hands of the TweakTown Canadian Labs today, is a brand-new Microsoft Xbox pre-modified with a top-of-the-line modchip and a larger-capacity harddrive. In this article, we plan to demonstrate to our readers the benefits, downsides, precautions and necessities surrounding the installation of a modchip and similar console modifications.

Kindly sampled from one of the professional pre-modified console store on the 'net, Xbox Mod Chips, our Lab's new Xbox has been put through the most rigorous testing and analyzing phase we have ever conducted. In the past few days, our excitement has continued as we replaced the Xbox's harddrive, installed dual BIOSes, two operating systems, then even FTP'd into the Xbox in order to transfer over our MP3's and music videos, before we installed the Xbox Media Player- WHAT?! Don't be overwhelmed, just yet, as we'll take a first-hand look at every single one of the points I have just mentioned.

News source: TweakTown

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