Xiaomi Mi 7 flagship might support wireless charging

In April last year, Xiaomi released the flagship Mi 6 smartphone; that means the company is due to release the Mi 7 any time now, and those that buy it, could benefit from wireless charging. The firm already prompted speculation that it would include this feature when it joined the Wireless Power Consortium in September 2017, but now sources claim the Mi 7 will have 7.5 Watt wireless charging.

If Xiaomi does go this route, it’ll likely include the same Broadcom chip and NXP transmitter that Apple used in the latest generation iPhones. According to GSMArena, using the same hardware as Apple will ensure quality and supply.

The wireless charging is expected to utilise the Qi standard V1.1, which supports wireless charging up to 7.5W. There is also Qi 1.2 which supports 15W charging, but it results in more heat being generated, which is a wasteful use of energy. By limiting the device to 7.5W, manufacturers are able to ensure devices won’t overheat and can use the time until their successor phones to learn more about managing the heat produced by the higher output charging.

The Xiaomi Mi 7 is believed to feature a Samsung 6-inch OLED display - that could include a notch -, a Snapdragon 845 chipset, a choice between 6GB and 8GB RAM, and a 4,480mAh battery. Another rumour suggests that it could include a fingerprint sensor under the display.

Source: GSMArena

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