Yahoo won't honor IE10's "Do Not Track" system

Microsoft has taken a lot of heat from Internet advertising companies about its decision to enable "Do Not Track" as the default for its Internet Explorer 10 web browser in Windows 8 (although it gives users the option to disable it). Microsoft says it wants to give better privacy protection to the users of IE10. Now one of the Internet's biggest web properties says that it will ignore DNT in IE10.

In a post on Yahoo's Policy Blog, the company slammed Microsoft's decision, stating, "In our view, this degrades the experience for the majority of users and makes it hard to deliver on our value proposition to them. It basically means that the DNT signal from IE10 doesn’t express user intent."

As a result, even if users choose to keep Do Not Track on IE10, visiting a site owned by Yahoo won't make a difference. The company said, "" ... we will not recognize IE10’s default DNT signal on Yahoo! properties at this time."

Much of the debate over Do Not Track in IE10 is that the World Wide Web Consortium has yet to come to an agreement over a DNT standard. Microsoft has said earlier this year that it is "firmly committed" to working with the W3C to set up those standards.

Source: Yahoo | Image via Microsoft

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