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Yellow Messenger integrates Microsoft Azure cognitive services on its platform

India based conversational AI startup, Yellow Messenger, announced a partnership with Microsoft to build a human-like voice automation platform that can understand and respond based on sentiment, dialect, and workflow.

This will see Yellow Messenger using Microsoft’s Azure cognitive services; Azure AI Speech Services and Natural Language processing tools to increase the accuracy of its voice bot solutions. Making organizations that use the voice automation platform better understand the intents of their users.

Azure Cognitive Services is a family of artificial intelligent services that allow systems to see, hear, speak, understand, and interpret human needs using natural methods of communication.

These cognitive services leveraged in the voice bot solution will make engaging with automated services such as support, sales and commerce feel like a human to human interaction. Instead of an automated to human interaction.

Commenting on the collaboration Raghu Ravinutala, CEO and Cofounder, Yellow Messenger said:

Voice, as compared to text, is a more complex channel due to multiple factors at play such as the real-time experience, varying accents by country and legacy architecture. Our collaboration with Microsoft’s Azure Speech Services is empowering us to build customized voice models that allow higher accuracy and better intent understanding.”

Microsoft will team up with Yellow Messenger’s R&D teams to create solutions that help enterprises in various sectors enhance consumer experience automation.

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