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You can get a refurbished 128GB Surface 3 with 4G LTE for $379.99, $269 less than a new one

Microsoft is currently offering $50 off its Surface 3 models with 128GB of storage - but if you've been thinking of buying one, you might want to consider an alternative deal that's popped up.

Over on DailySteals.com, you can currently get the range-topping Surface 3 with a 128GB SSD, 4GB of RAM and 4G LTE connectivity for just $379.99.

However, that price only applies to refurbished models, rather than brand new devices. Even so, the savings compared with buying new are considerable: the price is just over $269 below Microsoft's current $649 deal for a new 128GB Surface 3 with 4G LTE, and $319 less than its full retail price of $699.

The deal on the refurbished device will remain available for the next few days, but if you prefer to buy new, Microsoft's $50 off promotion will continue until the end of the month.

Source: DailySteals.com via @rodtrent

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