You can now earn money for unlocking trophies on PlayStation

Unlocking achievements and trophies on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 can sometimes be a monumental undertaking, especially with some of them requiring you to pick 1,000 flowers or some other arbitrary task. Up to now, all this trouble only netted you a few points towards a virtual score, or a platinum trophy if you were lucky. However, it seems Sony knows your pain, and have updated its Rewards program to pay out a small amount of money for each of these trophies you unlock.

First spotted by Kotaku, the new update - which is exclusive to those in the U.S. - will tally up your bronze, gold, and platinum trophies and credit your wallet with a voucher, which then can be used for the purchase of a new game, music, or movies. The reward tiers are as follows:

  • 100 silver trophies for 100 points or one point per trophy
  • 25 gold trophies for 250 points or 10 points per trophy
  • 10 platinum trophies for 1,000 points or 100 points per trophy

Once you have collected 1,000 points, your wallet will be credited with a $10 PSN voucher, which certainly will help to ease the pain of separating with your hard-earned cash when that new game comes around. One caveat though, is that you need to have been a member of the Sony Rewards program to cash in your current trophy collection. If you only joined today, all trophies unlocked from that point on will only be valid.

This feature is a welcome addition, and will certainly incentivize gamers to hunt down the most elusive of achievements on PlayStation. For those on Xbox, Microsoft currently runs its own Rewards Program, which awards you points for purchasing specific content or completing polls. Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox noted on Twitter that he found the new program by Sony to be a 'cool feature' and allows for more competition. Let's hope Xbox fans will be able to 'cash in' on their gamerscores.

Source and image: Kotaku

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