Your 15 minutes of Internet fame

If you have spent anytime in our forums today you may have stumbled across a thread of the most recent Internet celebrity. While rarely intentional, the Internet can turn anyone into an instant celebrity.

What does it take to become an Internet celebrity? It can only be described as chaos theory. There is no rhyme or reason to nearly any of the recent Internet celebrities. It can simply be an extraordinary talent or a serious, serious lack thereof. Regardless once you post something on the internet you should be aware that its fair game.

Internet celebrities are a special breed. It truly shows that the average (or un-average person) can quickly become a mega star receiving millions of hits in a matter of hours. It's this kind of draw that makes the Internet so attractive to advertisers.

If there was a key formula to Internet success it has yet to be discovered. It's a wild card on what will sweep next across the Internet. Sometimes it is for a positive reason and sometimes it's for a negative one. Regardless, you need to be careful of what you post on the Internet; who knows maybe your time is next?

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