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YouTube creators will now be informed when their videos have been re-uploaded to the service

If you frequent YouTube or are a content creator on the platform, chances are you've seen instances where original content has been stolen and then uploaded to another channel. This is not only frustrating for a creator but also time-consuming when you factor in the effort it takes to hunt down unauthorized duplicates and attempts to get them removed. YouTube does have some protections in place currently like Content ID, but it looks like it will take things a step further with its Copyright Match tool.

The tool works by scanning videos that have been uploaded to the platform and seeing if there is anything that is the same or similar. If there is a match, it will show the user, and then action can be taken. YouTube does stress that is it important that original creators be the first to upload their video to the service because that is the way that it will determine who should be shown matches.

If matches are found, the creator can get in touch with the other channel or simply request the video to be removed. This action can happen instantly or after a seven-day delay, the latter option is there in order to give the offender time to correct the issue. This could become a slippery slope for YouTube and, as such, the firm has also made it clear that when creators are taking action, they should carefully consider whether the matched videos are fair use or fall under some other exception.

The Copyright Match tool has been tested for nearly a year and will begin rolling out to creators with more than 100,000 subscribers starting next week. If all goes to plan, this tool should roll out to all creators in the YouTube Partner program sometime in the future.

Source: YouTube via The Verge

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