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WP7 and Zune syncing available for Mac soon

In a surprise move, Microsoft UK’s head of Windows Phone marketing, Oded Ran, tweeted that Mac users will be able to sync Windows Phone 7 devices with a version of the Zune software for Macs. This tweet has since been removed from Twitter.

The Zune software on PC's will be the only way to sync media, photos, music, and videos from a user’s PC to their phone unless that same content is also stored in the cloud. Microsoft has yet to officially explain, in detail, how Mac users will be able to sync their media to the phones. It has been thought that, like KIN, Microsoft will provide a small application that allows for syncing with Windows Phone 7 from a Mac.

The implied meaning of the tweet is that there will be more than just a small client available to sync Macs and WP7 devices.

It has long been requested by Mac users that Microsoft release a Zune client for the Apple operating system. There has also been growing requests over the past few months that Microsoft should build a Zune app for iOS and Android. With Zune not gaining huge market share in the US, it makes sense for Microsoft to offer users of other desktop and mobile platforms access to the service.

As Windows Phone 7 requires the Zune Software to sync with PCs, the new version of the software is now supported in all counrties that Microsoft will be selling Windows Phone 7. Users in some countries will be able to purchase the Zune Pass, a monthly subscription service, allowing users to listen to as many of the 8~10 million song as they want. With an update to Xbox 360's dashboard coming in the next few weeks, it will be possible for people to stream music through their TV's too using a Zune Pass.

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