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Weekend App Review: HyperQuiz

It’s the weekend and CES 2012 is approaching fast, but it’s always a good time to check out a new app for your smartphone. Today I’m looking at HyperQuiz, which is the brand new quiz game for Android that was released on the Market just a couple of days ago by developer GyLgames and Hyperbees.

HyperQuiz is a free multiplayer quiz game that is supported by optional in-app purchases. You pit yourself against up to four other players over the internet as you try and answer trivia questions as quickly as possible. The first person to tap the correct answer to the question is the winner of the round, so you must be fast to beat your opponents.

The overall winner at the end of the game is the person with the most correct answers, and for each question you answer the fastest you gain diamonds which can be used to purchase lifelines. Lifelines can be things such as giving you extra time to answer the question, showing the most probable answer and splashing the screen with oil to sabotage your opponents. They are fairly useful, although quite difficult to get without making an in-app purchase.


The great thing about HyperQuiz is that it’s addictive. I’m constantly going back to the game to battle it out in a quick match, and the fact that you’re facing real people against the clock makes it that much more exciting. You could also play endless games because the sheer volume of questions available (some which are very difficult) is amazing; I’ve never seen a duplicate in the time I’ve been playing.

It’s also very smoothly animated and works extremely well, finding matches with no difficulty and never lagging (on my Galaxy S) when you don’t want it to: in the middle of a match. It’s still a new game so there isn’t a huge load of players online at any one time, but so far there have always been enough to play against one opponent and it’s only going to get better with more people playing.

If you do happen to have an Android device I highly recommend checking out HyperQuiz for a quick fix of multiplayer trivia and it might surprise you just how good it is. I haven’t been able to find a trivia game that is of this quality on the Market, so this weekend give it a try and maybe you’ll play a game against me.

Android Market link to HyperQuiz

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