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Microsoft clarifies Windows Phone update plans

On Friday, Microsoft announced on the Windows Phone blog that the company would no longer "be individually detailing country, model, and carrier details on the Where’s My Phone Update? site any longer." It also said the blog itself would no longer offer any more information about updates to Windows Phone, saying that info would now be offered on the main Windows Phone website.

We predicted that some Windows Phone owners would be upset about these changes, and we were right. Many comments posted on the blog, along with Twitter messages, voiced the displeasure of some of these people. Now ZDnet.com has gotten some clairification from Microsoft. According to Greg Sullivan, the Senior Product Manager on Windows Phone, "Nothing has changed in regard to how we work with carriers to deliver Windows Phone updates to our customers."

So why ditch the updates to Where's My Phone Update site? Basically it had to do with logistics. There are so many new and upcoming Windows Phone device coming up in the future, along with more countries, that offering details on all the updates for each country, phone model, and wireless carrier details "would have become unwieldy"

It does sound like Microsoft is a victim of its own success, at least as informing the public about its Windows Phone update plans. Any changes from those plans would, and in fact did, rub some people the wrong way. Let's hope that Microsoft continues to be as transparent as possible in informing Windows Phone owners about updates to their devices.

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