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Top Four Steps to Reduce Ransomware Risks — White Paper

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Ransomware is malicious code that renders the files and/or operating environment of an endpoint unavailable—be it an end user device or a server—until a payment is made to the cybercriminal.

Cybercriminals use ransomware to take over devices or systems to extort money. Once the malware has been installed, the hacker controls and freezes you out of it until you pay a ransom. In the earliest versions of ransomware, the attackers claimed that after you paid the ransom, you would get a decryption key to regain control of your computer.

There is some good news: Today’s sophisticated, multi-stage ransomware attacks provide potential victims/organizations with multiple opportunities to stop a ransomware attack before it steals data or locks up computers/files.

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Of course it's ideal to stop an attacker from ever gaining a foothold to start their mission, but even if they do get in, identifying early stages such as network discovery, command and control communications, lateral movement, data collection and staging, exfiltration and encryption are critical.

Ransomware is no longer a question of if, but when. See below for tips on ransomware prevention and how best to respond to a ransomware attack. Get ahead of threats with these actionable tips:

  • Cover the broad attack surface
  • Deploy EDR
  • Close gaps, and more

Beat ransomware with these tips!

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>> Top Four Steps to Reduce Ransomware Risks — Whitepaper
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