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Get this Wheelson DIY Self Driving AI car for just $129.99

Today's highlighted deal comes via our Gear + Gadgets section of the Neowin Deals store where you can save 10% off Wheelson DIY Self Driving AI car. Complete with components and tools, this kit is all you need to build your own AI car while learning about microcomputers, electromotors, camera calibration, and more!


Autonomous cars are the future and we’ll show you how it works. This tiny wheeled robot has a camera and a microcomputer and can be programmed to autonomously navigate a small road while driving, just like an autonomous car would (yeah, like Tesla). It has built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi so you can connect it to other devices wirelessly. Wheelson also has an LCD display where you can see what the robot sees. It’s powered by four small electromotors and has a rechargeable Li-Po battery included. This DIY kit is complete with the components and tools you’ll need to build the car and learn new skills all the way through.

What You’ll Learn

  • Assemble a small 4-wheeled robot
  • Control an electromotor using a microcomputer
  • Learn how computer vision works
  • Calibrate your robot’s camera
  • Know how autonomous cars work & how to make your car navigate a road autonomously
  • Recognize & scan a QR code using your robot’s camera
  • Recognize different simple objects using a camera & image processing algorithms

What You Can Do With the Car

  • Drive your newly assembled robot buddy around
  • Code Wheelson to drive autonomously using its camera
  • Make it recognize QR codes on the floor & flash the built-in RGB LED accordingly
  • Make a custom program in CircuitBlocks
  • Play with built-in line tracking & objection recognition algorithms

Here's the deal:

The Wheelson DIY Self Driving AI car usually costs $144, but you can pick it up for $129.99 for a limited time, that's a savings of $14.01 (10%) off. For a full description, specs, and terms, click the link below. Please note that this ships internationally.

Get the Wheelson DIY Self Driving AI car for just $129.99

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