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Save 18% on WD 1TB C50 Xbox Storage Expansion Card

The WD C50 Storage Expansion Card

Modern AAA games can easily devour over 100-150GB of space on your console, which becomes problematic if you want to keep multiple games on your Xbox. Especially, if you have an Xbox Series S with a rather modest 500GB internal SSD. You can fix the storage problem by purchasing an Xbox Storage Expansion Card, such as one from Western Digital, which is now available with a nice 18% discount.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, Xbox Storage Expansion Cards are proprietary SSDs you can plug into Xbox Series S and Series X. A dedicated port on the back of your console eliminates the need to disassemble the machine just to get more space.

Since Xbox Storage Expansion Cards fully support the Xbox Velocity architecture, you do not need to compromise speed and features like Quick Resume. Regular USB-based drives, including SSDs, do not support the Xbox Velocity Architecture, meaning you cannot use them to store current-gen titles (only backward-compatible ones).

The WD C50 Storage Expansion Card

Western Digital offers its C50 lineup of expansion cards in two configurations: 500GB and 1TB. The latter usually sells for $157.99, but right now, you can get it for just $129.99 and save some money for the Xbox Game Pass subscription or a game from the store.

If $129.99 is still too much, you can go for the 500GB variant, which can double the storage on your Xbox Series S. Such an upgrade will cost you $79.99.

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