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Last minute Father's Day gift guide

There are only two days left until Father's Day. Whether you're a slacker, a procrastinator or just forgot; whether it be for your husband, your father, your grandfather or your baby's daddy: we got yo' back.

Not only have we organized potential presents (so that you can get them shipped overnight before Sunday) but you'll probably find something for a guy like YOUR dad... Not to mention, saving a penny is pretty solid too.

Classic Father

What do you get a man that knows what he wants, when we wants it and how he wants it? The man with his own chair--that forbidden chair; woe be to the man that tries to take his seat. This man isn't about to tolerate frivolity unless it's his own. Scotch on the rocks, please. 

Put his scotch on the rocks then! Thinkgeek's classy whiskey stones put an end to that watered down drink. Whether it be breakfast scotch or an after-dinner whiskey, your dad can appreciate the tasteful addition to his armchair getaway.

While Classic Dad enjoys the home-theatre system you set up last year, he's still not impressed with the multitude of remotes on his coffee table. Those with a bigger budget might want to take a look at the Logitech Harmony 700 and save dad the confusion.

Connected Father

This guy is the life of his social group. Always the center of attention, the first to organize guys' night out or that big backyard bash that had mom over at her sister's. Dad's not all play; from pressed suits to that ugly leather briefcase he won't give up, he's a paragon of efficiency.

Work and play converge with the HTC EVO 4G from Sprint. While you're at it, upgrade that piece of crap he calls a briefcase with this handsome biometric version, and he'll thank you, if only in secret.

Armchair Politician Dad

This guy isn't as rare as you think. He's the one with an opinion on everything and you KNOW he just has to be right. Whether it be about those silly Tories, those damned Democrats or those good-for-nothing meter maids, dad's your man for a good "discussion."

Why not help him out a bit? Save him the that trip to the computer to prove you wrong. Let him keep up with his blogs, his news and his general trollish behaviour right from his chair. Whether or not your dad is has a sharp tongue with his opinions or just likes to catch up on a little Pride and Prejudice in secret, he's the perfect candidate for an iPad. Grab him the 3G version if he likes to take his reading and ranting on the go. This is one of the must-have gifts of the season.

Has Everything Dad

Socks. You can never get enough socks. Try argyle this year. Or warp pipes.

Father's Day doesn't have to be hard or boring. 

Use your imagination, and your father will love it. What are you getting your dad this year?


Happy Father's Day from Neowin!

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