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The Power Delete Suite can help you scrub your Reddit posts and comments in minutes

Power Delete Suite options

Have you ever looked back regretfully on your Reddit profile and made the vain attempt to delete some rash comments only to give up due to the sheer number? Well, it’s actually very easy and quick to nuke your posts and comments just by using a bookmark button on your Reddit profile called Power Delete Suite.

To get started, head over to the Power Delete Suite Codepen page and drag the large red Power Delete Suite button to your bookmarks bar. Once you’ve done that, click the bookmark and a pop-up asking if you want to go to your Reddit profile will appear, tap ‘OK’ and you’ll be taken to your old-style Reddit profile page if you’re logged in.

Power Delete Suite settings

From your profile page, tap the bookmark again to pull up the Power Delete Suite settings (shown above). Options that are available to you here include:

  • Prepare local backup of items
  • Remove submissions
  • Remove comments
  • Edit comments / self posts
  • Filter by subreddits
  • Filter by score
  • Filter by date
  • Do not perform actions on gilded
  • Do not perform actions on saved
  • Do not perform actions on mod distinguished

Be very careful not to press the ‘Process’ button if you haven’t finished choosing your options, as any selections you do process will be irreversible. When you’re ready, just tap the ‘Process’ button, and you’ll see several progress bars as the script gets to work. Once it’s finished it will output how much has been deleted and if you chose to export your information, there will be a button to download the CSV file that has been created.

Power Delete Suite completion screen

If you’re technical, you can head over to the tool’s GitHub page to learn more about what it does in more depth. If for whatever reason you want to fork the software and improve upon it, or just inspect the code, then you are free to do so as it is open source.

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