Alienware wants to save you from casual games

Alienware is well known for making "hardout gamer" hardware, such as their gaming lineup of laptops and LED-laden desktop offerings, but now the company supposedly wants to save you from playing "lame" games and get you back into "hardcore" gaming.

The company has been releasing a video series following a "lame" gamer called Joe, who used to be the "greatest PC gamer ever" but has been sucked into games that aren't even really games. Specifically, the series takes stabs at technology such as Xbox Kinect and the Nintendo Wii, and takes jabs at how lame it looks moving around in front of a TV. 

The series is in five parts and follows Joe's journey from "gamer to lamer", and seems to take some of its jokes from Pure Pwnage, a now retired PC gaming show. Alienware is trying to put the cool factor back in gaming, and is hoping the video series can show off just how their hardware will help you do that (without mentioning how expensive some of their hardware is).

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