Amazon opens movie studio, offers prizes

Amazon originally started out as no more than a simple web-based store for general goods. Today, it seems that Amazon has expanded so much as to be the end all source for services and goods. At Amazon, one can get general goods, DRM-free MP3s, on-demand TV and movies, and a Kindle. Sellers can set up stores on the site and authors can submit and publish their works in the Kindle store. The company now has created a service that is, well, unexpected.

Amazon Studios, the new service by the web-commerce giant that allows anybody to submit a script and work on it with other people. Through the service, creators will be able to get noticed by the film community and get reviews on their works-in-progress. Amazon is fueling the desire to use their service by creating contests in which screenwriters can win upwards of $100,000 or more in prizes. and potentially even get their movie made.

Amazon Studios almost comes across a YouTube for movie scripts. People can freely browse projects and sort them by popularity or category. Several projects even already have teasers up. This type of organization helps users find scripts that they would wish to read, and increases the chances of having someone interested in the subject a movie is about help review it and make changes to the script.

This service isn't just for movie writers, but also for editors and evaluators. As Amazon Studios is built around collaboration, simply helping out in the story or flow of a script can help that person win prizes too. Prizes are given to a project as a whole, and then split up among the parties responsible for the work. This includes and writers and the most effective editors.

The new concept on how to work with scripts helps get everyone involved at any level all for the benefit of the project. Amazon has a deal with Warner Bros. already to look at any notable movies that place in the top of the contests. The first contest will be held in January of 2011, so keep an eye out then for any interesting stories that may get created into a full Hollywood movie.

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