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AMD Fusion will ship this year?

AMD has been working on a processor they are calling the Fusion. We first reported on it back in February when word started traveling that AMD was working on a project code named Llano. This new processor is a CPU and a GPU on the same die which means it can do both your computational processing and graphics processing in one piece of silicon. To compete with AMD, Intel released their Core i3 and Core i5 processor which have a CPU and a GPU on one chip but they are separate dies.

 Bit-Tech had a chance to talk to someone within AMD about the new Fusion processor, "I don’t think there’s a simple answer to that" said Bob Grim AMD spokesman, "if you look at the history of AMD, when we came out with dual-core processors, we built a true dual-core processor. When we came out with quad-cores, we built a true quad-core processor. What our competitors did was an MCM solution – taking two chips and gluing them together." 

Bit-Tech also asked if we would see any speed advantages when combining a GPU and CPU on a single die and Bob Grim said, "We hope so. We’ve just got the silicon in and we’re going through the paces right now – the engineers are taking a look at it. But it should have power and performance advantages. Going to the 32nm [manufacturing process] is also going to help. I believe Dirk (Meyer, CEO) has gone on record saying we’re going to ship some to customers this year, so hopefully we’ll be able to deliver on that promise. I’m confident that we will be - the silicon looks good. I don’t see any reason why we wouldn’t [hit Meyer’s target] based on where Fusion is now." Though he didn't really answer the question asked, he did mention that the processor may be released this year.

The Fusion processor was scheduled to be released in 2011, but if what AMD says is true, we may see the first child of the AMD/ATI merger later this year.

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