AMD reveals Windows 8-based Turbo Dock hybrid PC design, gets our hopes up

Intel has cornered the market in terms of its processors that have been put inside Windows 8-based convertible or hybrid PCs that combine tablets and notebooks in one product. Today, AMD announced a new technology that's designed to help boost the performance of a tablet when tied into a keyboard dock.

AMD's solution is called Turbo Dock, and PCs designed to use the technology will see CPU and GPU performance boosted by up to 40 percent when the tablet portion is connected to its keyboard dock. When the tablet is used away from the dock, the CPU and GPU go into a lower power mode to conserve battery life.

PCs that use Turbo Dock will have AMD's upcoming Temash processor inside. The company claims it has five time the graphics performance compared to Intel's current "Clover Trail" Atom Z2760 chip that's being used by a few Windows 8 tablets and convertibles. AMD plans to demo Temash in dual core and quad core versions next week at the Mobile World Congress trade show.  PCs that will use the AMD Turbo Dock technology with Temash inside are expected to go on sale later in 2013 but AMD did not announce which OEMs would offer PCs with that design.

Source: AMD

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