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AMD officially confirms no more Windows 10 chipset driver and support for next gen Ryzen

Windows 10 logo on top of an AMD logo all in black background

This week at Computex 2024, both AMD and Intel unveiled new processor lineups. While Team Blue detailed why it killed hyper threading and also explained how it was getting the Windows performance optimization done with the help of Thread Director technology.

Meanwhile, Team Red announced its Zen 5 architecture alongside the desktop and laptop CPU lineups that would be powered by it. On the one hand, it released new Ryzen 9000 series desktop processors and on the other hand, it also unveiled its new Ryzen AI 300 series dubbed Strix Point for mobile use cases.

While AMD, as does any other company, was boastful about its product touting the 16% IPC boost on Zen 5 and the big AI performance leap delivering up to 50 TOPS on the NPU side, an interesting drawback of the Ryzen AI 300 series that has managed to avoid getting media attention is the lack of support for Windows 10.

While this was just an unconfirmed rumour last month even though it was suggested by a supposed Lenovo China manager, we have now got confirmation from AMD itself that the report, that Strix point and newer CPUs and APUs will not support Windows 10 is true.

The official specifications of the two Ryzen AI 300 SKUs, the HX 370 and 365, do not have Windows 10 listed in the supported OS list:

OS Support

Windows 11 - 64-Bit Edition , RHEL x86 64-Bit , Ubuntu x86 64-Bit

Meanwhile, this is not the case with the Ryzen 9000 series desktop parts as the spec sheet of that says:

OS Support

Windows 11 - 64-Bit Edition , Windows 10 - 64-Bit Edition , RHEL x86 64-Bit , Ubuntu x86 64-Bit

This essentially means that AMD's Windows 10 chipset drivers will not work on these new Ryzen AI 300 series mobile APUs, though Ryzen 9000 should have no issues on either.

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