Android users beware, fake versions of Fortnite aim to dupe the unknowing

Fortnite Battle Royale has been an immensely popular title, recently making the move to mobile just a few months ago. Although it has been available to the public on iOS since April, there is still no word yet on when the game will exactly arrive on Android. While eager Fortnite fans await the arrival of the title on Android, it looks like there are plenty of developers taking advantage of the fervor by releasing a fake version of the game with malicious intent.

The fake Fornite can be found by doing a simple query using your favorite search engine. The Android PacKage (APK) can be found posted on websites and there are even tutorial videos on YouTube showing how to install the game with success. What makes the scenario more convincing is that the videos feature fake comments like "it works perfectly", in an attempt to break down one's wall. Once the app is installed, the icon for the game and its loading screen look legitimate, as it has been ripped from the iOS version. When the game is about to load, this is when things get fishy.

It will ask the user for "mobile verification" and by hitting "ok" will take the user to an external site. At this point, there will be a prompt to download another app or game to "verify". Needless to say, regardless of how many apps you download and install, the game will never load. There are also other variants of the app that claims to require "no verification" necessary. Again, the app will not lead you to the promised lands of Fornite so do not download it. There is no telling what a rogue app can do.

Fornite is slated to arrive sometime this summer for Android, and you can bet that Neowin will be reporting the arrival of the game as soon as it happens, so please be patient.

Source: Mashable

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