Andy Samberg promotes Windows Phone 8 with toe movie

We have seen actress Jessica Alba, pop music artist Gwen Stefani and football player Cam Newton, feature in TV commercials over the past couple of months, helping promote Windows Phone 8 for Microsoft. This week, the company launched its latest TV ad and this time the spotlight is on former Saturday Night Live member, and all around funny guy, Andy Samberg.

The new clip, posted on YouTube, shows Samberg's Start screen on his HTC Windows Phone 8X. Samberg is trying to make his debut as a filmmaker; the commercial shows him viewing a script on the phone along with other movie related custom Live Tiles.

Then we finally get to the meat of the clip. Samberg uses the smartphone's rear camera to, well, film his movie. In this case a film about his two big toes, dressed up as people (kind of), with Samberg providing voices for a romantic scene.

People who have seen Samberg's work on SNL know that he was one of the people behind the variety show's recurring Laser Cats shorts, which also have a deliberate low budget comedic theme. However, a movie about his toes talking to each other doesn't seem to be quite as funny as cats being used as laser weapons.

Source: Windows Phone on YouTube

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