Nokia may pull out of CES to focus on MWC

If you are headed to CES this year and were hoping to check out Nokia’s latest goods, we have some bad news for you.

According to WPdang (who has a decent track record on Tracour), they are stating that Nokia has pulled its plans to attend CES and will instead focus on Mobile World Congress (MWC) that takes place at the end of February.

The move makes sense for several reasons. For one, it’s one less cost that Nokia will have to incur as it looks to put an end the cash-flow bleeding it has experienced over the last several quarters. Second, CES has turned into a massive show that is more of a catch-all conference than a specialty show.

Nokia is not the first to pull out of the show as Microsoft announced last year that they will not be participating in the 2013 CES conference and gave up its premium floor space with that announcement.

Additionally, with two large tradeshows occurring only a few weeks apart, it’s a bit hard to wow the crowds at two separate events that are so close together. It makes sense to focus on one show and go all out with announcements rather than having two keynotes with only modest updates or announcements.

We will wait for Nokia to make the official call but the move seems logical for the vendor and it wouldn’t surprise us if we see other manufactures go down this same route in the years to come.

Source: WPdang

Via: WMPoweruser

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