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AOC to introduce a FreeSync 2 monitor with HDR and 0.5ms response time

A fast and color accurate monitor is essential for gaming, but it's rare to find a monitor with both of these traits. While IPS monitors are one of the most color accurate panels out there, they often have a very slow response time. So the gamers who need fast response times (FPS gamers,) may seldom choose an IPS panel over the faster TN and VA counterparts, thereby sacrificing color accuracy to responsiveness.

AOC may have finally found a solution to that; its forthcoming AG273QCX FreeSync 2 monitor will not only include HDR technology but will also be one of the first in the industry to feature a lightning-fast 0.5ms response time.

HDR or High Dynamic Range, as it name suggests, makes it possible to create more dynamic and realistic images. It does so by dimming parts of the area where the colors are very dark, while simultaneously brightening the other parts where there are more whites. As a result, the colors appear very natural and vivid.

Although AOC is using a TN panel here, thanks to HDR, its picture quality might give IPS a run for its money. According to AOC Product Manager, Alfonso Clemente:

"Up until now, curved monitors were either IPS or VA, which is ok, but the response time was not so great. There’s always some ghosting, some blurring. But now there are curved panels from AU Optronics that allow 0.5ms response time."

In addition to HDR and 0.5ms response times, the AG273QCX will also support a wide color gamut and AMD's latest adaptive sync technology, FreeSync 2. The monitor is a 27" curved panel with 1440p resolution and 144Hz refresh rate.

As part of its AGON 3 lineup, AOC will also launch a similar monitor, the AG273QCG with Nvidia's G-Sync technology. While the G-Sync version won't have the HDR capability, it will have a slightly faster 165Hz panel with historically more color accurate, VA technology.

At present, it is understood that the monitors will go on sale in April 2018. The FreeSync 2 version will cost €599 ($715) while G-Sync variant will cost €699 ($835).

Source: PCGamesN

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