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Apple beats tech rivals to the $1 trillion mark

According to stock market trackers, Apple’s shares are now worth $206.54 apiece, meaning Apple has managed to beat its tech rivals to become worth $1 trillion. Here’s a look at the so-calls “Fangs”, tech firms that are growing at a quick pace; Amazon, is trailing at $885 billion, Google is at $850 billion, Facebook is at $503 billion, and Netflix is at $148 billion. Although it isn't considered a Fang company, Microsoft is also valued at $827 billion.

Neowin mentioned a few days ago that Apple was likely to pass the $1 trillion threshold thanks to the huge $53.3 billion in revenues it made in the last quarter. Revenues like that are the reason that Apple has managed to grow 50,000% since it listed in 1980, while other firms on the S&P 500 have only grown 2,000% in the same timeframe.

Apple’s huge growth, is largely thanks to the introduction of its portable devices, in 2001, when the iPod was launched the firm was valued at just $6 billion, this propelled the firm to $106 billion by the time iPhone was introduced. In August 2011, 18 months after iPad was launched, the firm was worth a whopping $624 billion.

Going forward, Apple, and other firms, will be looking to sell us different products because phones and computers have matured to a point where we feel like we don’t need to buy a new one as often. It’s likely items such as virtual reality headsets, autonomous vehicles, and smart home devices will be the new products for them to focus on going forward.

Via BBC News | Image via Apple

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