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GRIP marks the revival of combat racing on November 6

Many may not remember it, but Rollcage was a racing video game released in 1999 for Windows PCs and the PlayStation. The title features unique vehicles with wheels larger than their bodies which allowed them to be flipped over and continue driving, and it was possible - and sometimes necessary - to drive on walls and ceilings as well.

Rollcage spurred a sequel the following year, which was named Rollcage Stage II or Death Track Racing depending on the region. However, as Attention To Detail, the development team behind the game, was dissolved a few years later, the combat racing genre lost one of its major players. Fan support subsisted through the years, though, and interest from some former developers led to the creation of Caged Element, a team which is developing GRIP: Combat Racing, a spiritual successor to the Rollcage franchise scheduled for release on November 6.

GRIP is what you'd expect from a true sequel to the late 90s franchise, featuring 22 cars that can be driven on walls, ceilings, and even upside down across 15 tracks. There are also nine items and weapons such as missiles which you'll need to use effectively to come out on top. The game supports online and local multiplayer modes, allowing up to four-player split-screen on every platform except the Nintendo Switch, where only two people can play in split-screen mode.

The game has been available on Steam Early Access for a while for $19.99, but the final release in November will bring it to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch as well, with the final version costing $39.99. If you pre-order the title through Game in the UK or GameStop in the US, you'll receive the exclusive Nyvoss Hex Paint Kit, Vortex Rim Pack, and five pre-order exclusive vehicle decals.

As mentioned above, GRIP officially launches on November 6, marking the end to an 18-year-long wait for long-standing fans of the Rollcage franchise. You can pre-order from your preferred retailer from the publisher's website.

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