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Apple brings new Katy Perry and SEVENTEEN Remix Sessions to GarageBand on iPhone and iPad

Remix Sessions in GarageBand

Apple has announced two new Remix Sessions for GarageBand on iPhone and iPad. The first allows you to remix “Harleys in Hawaii” by Katy Perry, and the second lets you remix “Darl+ing” by K-pop group SEVENTEEN. In addition, Retail Creative Pros at Apple Stores will show customers how to remix “Harleys in Hawaii”.

One of the nice things about Remix Sessions in GarageBand is that anyone can get started remixing. Users won’t need to know music theory to begin remixing, and Apple has included in-app step-by-step video instructions to guide you. To get started, you will need to download the Remix Sessions from the GarageBand Sound Library. Using loops, sounds, and instruments, you’ll be able to remix the tracks to your liking.

Remix Sessions in GarageBand

Commenting on the news, Woozi from SEVENTEEN said:

“We love sharing the music-making experience with our fans. We’ve used GarageBand for years, so it’s an honor to collaborate with Apple on our Remix Session in GarageBand. Now our fans can create music the same way we do. We hope everyone will have fun remixing our song ‘Darl+ing’ with their own sense of style, and we can’t wait for Carats to share their final remixes with us and the rest of the world when they’re done.”

To start remixing these songs, you’ll need to get GarageBand 2.3.12 on iOS or iPadOS. If you’re interested in attending a related Today at Apple session, head over to Apple’s dedicated site to book yourself in at a local store.

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